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As Of January 2k22, the global cryptomarket circle has grown to around 300 million users. And, it is believed that the user base will reach upto 1 Billion by the year 2022 end. That’s huge. Financial institutions and cryptocurrency businesses aim to take advantage of opportunities brought about by the developing cryptocurrency market. By entering the cryptocurrency market and releasing their crypto wallets, various companies have had varying levels of success.

At Pixel Softwares, we adeptly understand the requirements of businesses to locate their revenue frames in alignment with their work verticals. Thus, we proffer comprehensive crypto wallets development services for businesses to flexibly launch their crypto wallets. We bring into utility the enriched experience and thorough understanding of the crypto wallet market to develop an astonishing white label digital wallet experience for your organization. Additionally, we are experts in creating unique wallets from scratch. We have positioned ourselves as the top crypto wallet development firm, the applaud belongs to the depth of our experience & design-driven solutions.




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Web Wallet Development

Hot wallets are another name for web wallets. Various internet browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and IE, can be used to access them online. We have specialized in developing highly secure web wallets that offer faster transaction speeds and are less vulnerable to DDsS attacks.


Mobile Wallet Development

Mobile wallets are a practical choice for efficiently sending and receiving payments. Through these wallets, users may immediately make payments. Our staff boasts skilled professionals in creating mobile wallets with all the features required for smooth transactions & exceptional wallet performance.


Desktop Wallet Development

The safest places to store your cryptocurrency assets are desktop wallets as they can be downloaded to your computer and accessed without an active internet connection. There are numerous desktop wallets on the market; our experts will assist you in choosing the best one and developing it in synchronization with your company's requirements.


Hardware Wallet Development

Public addresses and private keys are stored on hardware devices called hardware wallets. When transferring cryptocurrency using native desktop software, it functions similarly to a USB device that must be attached to your computer via a wallet interface. We have expertise in creating hardware wallet interfaces. As a result, we can provide a user-friendly, feature-rich wallet interface.


Decentralized Wallet

You can transfer and receive cryptocurrency using decentralized wallets from any location in the world. It is a multi-currency wallet made to do several tasks at once efficiently and safely. We work with businesses to create safe, versatile decentralized wallets by leveraging their knowledge and experience.


Coin Specific Wallet

Decentralized exchanges, as opposed to centralized exchanges, provide you total control over your assets because they do not require a middleman. To add an extra layer of security to your cryptocurrency transactions, we levy experts at building a variety of public & private exchange ecosystems.

Our Crypto Wallet Development Process!

Deploying Cutting-Edge Technologies To Ascertain Higher Business Value.

Tools & Technologies


Node JS

To find the finest in the crypto sector, we employ NodeJS's strong frameworks and libraries.


React JS

Our specialists rely on React Js to create incredibly engaging web applications that can handle the most challenging business problems.


React Native

Our go-to Javascript framework for creating mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms is React-Native.



Our preferred programming language for creating and developing Smart Contracts on various Blockchains is Solidity.



We make use of MYSQL's characteristics to provide a safe and straightforward backend that serves as the foundation for the entire solution.



Our engineers create and deploy applications, put together smart contracts, and run automated tests to get the most out of the top-notch Ethereum development platform.


DDoS Protection

We work hard to build blockchain applications that are 99.9% DDoS protected so that our consumers can utilize them in a reliable environment.


Google Authenticator

For greater security, we advise including a two-step verification process with blockchain applications.

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What Are The Security Features
Of Our Crypto Wallet?


Threat Protection

Our wallet is designed to analyze the data flow inside the infrastructure in order to find and fix any vulnerabilities. Additionally, the security precautions defend against security risks to shield web and mobile apps from numerous dangerous attacks like DDOS.


Session Logout

For security purposes, users can enable or disable the "automatic session logout time." The crypto wallet program alerts users before logging them out after a set amount of idleness or background running.


Two-Factor Authentication

The most secure verification technique, 2FA, offers an additional layer of security to safeguard users' financial and personal data. Users of the wallet must provide a secure PIN or password before using their fingerprints or face recognition to access the device.


Email Authentication

We have added an email authentication system to the password-based security measures already in place for the wallet. A user who submits a withdrawal request will get an authorization request and a confirmation email. Only once this request has been granted does the transaction take place.


Breach Investigation & KMS

Additional security precautions in the wallet include ensuring the accuracy of the data, producing immediate reports, and scaling the reports to keep track of breaches. In the crypto ecosystem, Key Management Server also aids in managing the distinctive cryptographic keys.


Wallet Backup

The finest and most crucial feature to protect one's crypto assets from technological errors and failures is backing up the multi-cryptocurrency wallet. Users can create a special backup phrase out of their wallet and write it down somewhere secure and memorable.

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