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Though it entered the global market in the year 2014, the popularity of the NFTs became soaring around 2021 only. With the hype created, even the celebrities are integrating to be a part of the NFT craze to interact with their die-hard fans. The uniqueness of NFT has increased its appeal to a new degree. Who wouldn't want to possess a genuine item? These online kudos appear to be more valuable than the actual digital thing. An NFT marketplace is the place to be if you are willing to enter the NFT universe. Any NFT Marketplace that is centered on a certain specialization will authorize you to purchase & trade digital goods.

The popularity of NFT has consequently rapid demand for curated NFT Marketplaces. Their industry-specific NFT Marketplaces are now utilized by a large number of businesses and startups. We have you covered if you're looking to grow your company in the worldwide NFT market. You will have an unstoppable revenue stream if you go towards a feature-rich NFT Marketplace that is created and customized to your requirements. We assist you in building an all-encompassing NFT Marketplace with an integrated smart contract that generates income on demand as a reputable NFT Marketplace development business!


Unveiling Our NFT Development Services!


NFT Marketplace Design & Development

Our team designs and develops a user-centric NFT marketplace platform where users may create and trade NFTs using in-depth understanding of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards, smart contracts, and IPFS protocols.


NFT Smart Contract Development & Audit

We provide NFT smart contract development and audit services to guarantee the flawless automation of NFT transactions and the error-free operation of smart contracts.


NFT Marketplace Support & Maintenance

For handling third-party updates, new OS versions, and making sure nodes are always up and running, we regularly monitor, manage, and provide support.


NFT Development

Depending on your company’s needs, our NFT development services will help you tokenize your assets by creating and releasing brand-new SPL tokens with cutting-edge functionality.


The Intriguing Features Of Our NFT Marketplace !

Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet

Digital wallets must be integrated into NFT Marketplaces. By integrating digital wallets, we enable users to store, send, and manage cryptocurrencies and NFTs.



Any NFT marketplace needs the Storefront capability. This function gives the user all information about the goods they are purchasing.



The plan is to provide ratings to digital collectibles. Users may view the digital goods they want to purchase thanks to this, and they can also select the best digital collectibles available on the market.



Digital collectibles should be quick and simple to gather and submit. To ensure a seamless workflow, we have developed a collection manager that will keep track of all the products and collections.


Bids & Auction

One of the most important aspects of the NFT market is thought to be the auction system. The NFT marketplace provides bidders with a simple and secure platform to purchase NFT.

Filter Option

Filter Option

Users can more easily traverse the website when there are numerous collectibles, thanks to our NFT marketplace filters.

Token Search

Token Search

Users should be able to easily and whenever they need to access information about a certain object. All digital items, including music, photos, and videos, must be shown in an ordered manner in any NFT marketplace.

English Auction Listing

English Auction

Users can bid cheaply and earn payments gradually on the English auction listing. The highest bid can be accepted by users when using this sort of bidding.



To manage your marketplace account, you don't have to be a tech expert. Edit NFT asset descriptions, add pricing, and control trading deadlines yourself.

Use Cases

Use Cases

What Domains Are We Serving To ?


Trading Marketplace

The enormous variety of NFTs available for purchase, sale, and exploration on NFT marketplaces includes digital artwork, domain names, virtual territories, and other collectibles.



NFTs offer authenticity confirmation and aid in the secure transfer of in-game items like rare skins and avatars.


Crypto Collectibles

Crypto collectibles are special digital items that may be bought and sold on the blockchain, like rare baseball cards or expensive whisky. Cryptographic valuables' ownership is verified and documented by NFTs.


Real Estate

The virtual lands are tokenized using NFTs and listed in the open market where interested parties can place bids on the property.



NFTs gives artists the ability to tokenize their works and list them on the market. It draws music fans to the NFT platform while simultaneously combating music piracy.



On the NFT platform, artists can now freely trade their works of art without being concerned about copyright violations or content piracy.

Are You In The Quest Of A NFT Marketplace Developer?

With Pixel Softwares, you are at an incalculable edge to give your business verticals a lift with the best NFT Marketplace Development.

Explore The Working Of Our
NFT Marketplace Development !

With Pixel Softwares, you can think of getting your NFT marketplace developed from square one with absolute perfection & ease. The adaptability of our ready-to-deploy platform framework is just limitless. Enterprises are authorized to customize their marketplace dashboard by picking & choosing features with utmost flexibility. Have a look at our NFT marketplace development:


Initiate the UI development.


Create a prototype of the marketplace.


Go for NFT development.


Buying/selling of logic development.


Smart contract development.


Testing & launching of a marketplace.


Why Choose Pixel Softwares As Your NFT Marketplace Development Company?

Our NFT Marketplace workflow goes quite smooth and streamlined in all ways. It is a methodology which marks satisfaction and flexibility for our client's & users to see.


Interactable User Interface

Our ready-to-deploy platform framework has indefinite scalability. Businesses may easily select and combine features to create a dashboard that is unique to their marketplace.



Our ready-to-deploy platform framework has indefinite scalability. Businesses may easily select and combine features to create a dashboard that is unique to their marketplace.


Cross Platforms

Our ready-to-deploy platform framework has indefinite scalability. Businesses may easily select and combine features to create a dashboard that is unique to their marketplace.



Our ready-to-deploy platform framework has indefinite scalability. Businesses may easily select and combine features to create a dashboard that is unique to their marketplace.