An Exemplar Shift With Our Crypto Exchange Development !

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges

You might know that there are currently 80 decentralized exchanges listed on CoinMarketCap. Apart from this, there are many more available in the global market to serve the needs. There is a huge difference between a centralized and a decentralized exchange in that the latter eliminates the need for a central party to control the operations. Simply put, there is no interference from the middlemen to manage or assess the transactions.

A smart contract that automates functions like order matching, transactions, and money flow forms the basis of a decentralized exchange. Decentralized exchanges are a paradigm shift because of these characteristics. They allow users to have total control over their accounts and assets whilst being quick and transparent.

Begin utilizing our blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge to hasten the creation of your Defi exchange if you are a start-up or an established company looking to ride the wave of change.

Trading Under Central Authority.
Transaction Security With Administrator.
No Deal Tracking Via Blockchain.

Top-Notch Solutions To Create Defi Exchange!

Decentralized exchange systems are transforming trading, providing start-ups and well-established companies with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to lead their enterprise to digital success.

With our depth of experience, wealth of blockchain knowledge, and technological know-how, Pixel Softwares is uniquely qualified to serve as your go-to Defi exchange building business. Your decentralized exchange will be deployed more quickly thanks to our well-coordinated roadmap, purpose-built architectures, end-to-end delivery, and a robust ecosystem of partners, giving you a competitive advantage.

Utilize our knowledge and experience for a successful development journey that aids you in achieving your business objectives.


No Middlemen Interference.

decentralized trade

Decentralized Trade.


Digital Assets & Proxy Tokens Trading.


Escrow Potection.


What We Are Offering?

An Exemplar Shift With Our Crypto Exchange Development !


Peer-To-Peer Smart Contracts

Promote peer-to-peer (P2P) commerce by bringing into utility smart contracts to take forward a transaction without the use of a middleman. This ensures that your decentralized exchange is more transparent and quick.


Liquidity With Automated Market Maker

The automated market maker, which automatically conducts deals utilizing liquidity pools while substituting buyers & sellers, ascertains liquidity on your decentralized exchange.


Paramount Security With The Leading Features

Obtain bank-grade protection for your DEX with industry-leading security features. This establishes a secure trading environment for your valuable users.


We Have A Broad Spectrum Of Crypto Exchange Development Services !


Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Our multi-cryptocurrency wallets, which enable extremely safe storage and multi-currency conversion, are well-known. Through a private key that has been given to them, authorized individuals can easily access all the transaction logs that are present on the blockchain.


Binance Exchange Development

Attractive features like our White-Label Binance Exchange's two types of trading levels for beginners and professionals, preferred KYC or AML verification process, multiple reference programs, virtual gifting programs, and others are what make it the best and most cutting-edge way to succeed in the cryptocurrency industry.


Cryptocurrency Development Service

We create incredibly reliable, safe, and unique crypto assets that let companies invest in numerous cryptoprojects and increase overall ROI. Our coin development services include the invention of new cryptocurrencies, their instantaneous deployment, and assistance with marketing campaigns across numerous communication channels.


P2P Exchange Development

Utilize our ground-breaking P2P cryptocurrency exchange for quick fund transfers without middlemen. Maximum security, decentralization, lack of transaction filtering, trading without regional restrictions, and other advantages are provided by our P2P exchange.


OTC Trading Platform Development

The actual basis for the opacity provided by Over-the-counter (OTC) exchanges is the direct exchange of assets between two parties, without the need for any intermediaries. The volumes on these OTC crypto markets are three times more than on exchanges.


Decentralized Exchange Development

Peer-to-peer transactions on the Decentralized Crypto Exchange are carried out effectively without the use of a middleman or third party. Due to the peer-to-peer structure of the transactions, users are given increased security and market manipulation is prevented. The KYC procedures for decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are automated.




All The Way To Execution !


Why Us

Why Us

Why Pick Pixel Softwares For Crypto Exchange Development ?


Technical Expertise

We provide all of your blockchain needs under one roof. Our staff will make sure you have what it takes to succeed because we have experience in all areas of the industry.


Quick Development

We provide a product that is tailored to your audience. Our analytics-driven methodology guarantees speedy service deployment for you as well as effective & efficient development!


Post Launch Support

Even after the launch, we continue. We give our clients a wide range of post-delivery services so they can concentrate on business success and growth rather than worrying about how to contact us or what we can do for them.


Positive Business Inclination

You will benefit from your money since we adopt a hands-on approach to investing.

A Hundred Times Better, A Thousand Times Securer!

Many giant firms have benefitted from the assistance from Pixel Softwares with their needs for IT automation as well as for crypto exchange development. We take pride in stating that our team of blockchain & cryptocurrency experts has completed a plethora of projects successfully in various industries.