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Pixel Softwares ventures to be the most reliable & trustworthy Fantasy sports app developer across the country. We develop fantasy games solutions that are not only captive buts stands still, extensible, and in synchronization with all the guided regulations & compliances.

With a devoted & passionate fantasy sports app building experts, Pixel Softwares lies one step ahead of its competitors. We proffer a scintillating user interface with customizable features, responsive, and interface extensive sports solutions for the modern sports trade.

  • software development

    Fantasy Drafting Solutions

    We put forward a range of drafting scenarios that would give justice to every scale bid/auction with a compatible integration to a third-party system.

  • sports

    Rotational Fantasy Sports

    There is no fantasizing sports game that you would have to wander around to find. Our team strikes the best-possible convertible concepts into the real picture.

  • api

    Third-Party API Integration

    Pixel Softwares provide software & applications that are amalgamated with profound sports sites, net stores, and many sports web portals.

  • ad module

    Fantasy Sports Ad Modules.

  • loyalty

    Loyalty Program Integration.

  • leaderboard

    Fantasy Sports Leaderboards.

  • analytics

    Fantasy Analytics Software.

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Our Fantasy Sports App Development Solutions !

web app

Fantasy Web Apps

Pixel Softwares is a reputable provider of innovative, personalized, and dependable app development services as well as a fantasy sports software expert.

mobile app

Fantasy Mobile Apps

All mobile operating systems are supported by Pixel Software's fantasy sports software. We specialize in developing sports applications for a plethora of video games like football, cricket, auto racing, and others.


Customized Score System

The Conventional Scoring System, the Individual Player System, and some other systems are some of the best and most well-known scoring methods.


Methodical Software

In order to provide accurate measures and real-time information about the invested team and individual, we invested our skills in creating proprietary statistical fantasy analysis gaming software.


Our Software Modules

Levy On Our Software Modules For The Best Fantasy Sports App Experience !


Nothing Is Impossible

As Long As We’re Trying!

We build interactive fantasy sports apps with state-of-the-art technology integration. Count on us for your strenuous fantasy sports app development!